Good Morning, the breakfast is ready!

At la Casa di Ulisse B & B in the morning you wake up gently, without noise, away from traffic, welcomed by the cooing of doves and the birds chirping.
You open the door and eyes embrace the green hills and the blue of the sea, you can breathe the scent of flowers in season (now is the time of pittosporums). Every day there is a different light, the garden every day presents a new suit, you discover something special on the horizon ….

Breakfast is the time when all these emotions are combined with the pleasure of taste.
Sitting on the terrace or (in the winter) in the living room, a panoramic view from the South Coast to Elba Island, between the crowns of Aleppo pines and oaks blowing in the wind, you can savor the pleasure of a day starting in relaxation.
The breakfast at La Casa di Ulisse is in Italian way, very rich with seasonal variations or for special occasions. On request (no extra charge) we integrate it with meats and cheeses, eggs.
We look for local products, of which we try to tell the history or tradition.
Bread and pastries are homemade or manufactured by craftsmen of which we know the quality.

The breakfast at La Casadi Ulisse
Here’s an example of the “breakfast of la Casa di Ulisse B&B”:
– Coffee (espresso, American, decaffeinated) or barley
– milk
– Fruit juice (or orange juice) and water at will
– Bread (Tuscan, wholemeal, sourdough, homemade, from different countries around)
– Cookies, parties bread, croutons
– Desserts (typical Tuscan, typical holidays, homemade, artisan production)
– Various jams (homemade handicraft production)
– Butter, honey, nutella
– Fresh fruit or fruit salad made ​​at the time
– Various cheeses of the region
– Various meats products in the region

When our guests ask for special diets (for celiac disease or other intolerances) we adapt our menu.

summer breakfast


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