A realized dream

We fell in love with this house at first sight in 2005.

We immediately thought of a bed and breakfast, being inspired by some very charming experiences of hospitality in France, England, Austria. We liked the idea of sharing the beauty that surrounds us with people appreciating nature and tranquility.

Marco has done wonders, planning and coordinating the renovation. He was all day in the yard, and called me by proposing unbelievable solutions! He, saw the house as she would become … I … I trust!

The renovation works began in November 2005, the first guests arrived at Easter 2006. I still remember the anxiety with which we welcomed the “earliest”, a mother with three children, and we had just finished cleaning the pavement, the tables and the chairs in the garden from sand and dust.

Since that day in the past seven years ago our house was – for a night or for a week – also the home of our guests.

A corner of paradise, this is my thought opening the windows every morning.

This corner of paradise is the welcoming port  to travelers who arrive and then leave with the Casa di Ulisse B&B in their heart


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