About Quercianella

A site can be appreciated with the eyes or/and with the heart.  You are struck by a particular, a perfume, a shaft of light that makes unique a glimpse. I always thought that knowing the history of a place helps to remember, often also to grasp the peculiar characteristics, to see it with eyes looking to understand and not photographing snapshots only.
It’s the way of the traveler who leaves and tries traces of knowledge and history.Pitosforo
We like to tell the guests of La Casa di Ulisse B & B the history of Quercianella and its environment. Little signs or long talks, when they answer with curiosity.
When we chose to live in Quercianella, I felt the need to understand why it is so different from the rest of the city of Livorno but also from Castiglioncello. For this reason I suggest to our guests the same questions and the same curiosity.

This post is therefore a statement of a project: I’m  collecting materials, links, old photographs, pills of history and stories that little by little we’ll post with the hope that our readers and our guests will appreciate and integrate.


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  1. GP says:

    L’ha ribloggato su The Law of News.

    1. Grazie, e buona fortuna al tuo interessante blog di news!

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