This photo is summer 2011. The bouganvillea had  four years and filled with color corner of our house, crossing with a second “sister” plant around the corner.
So it was for another year, beautiful and lush the little tree faced the southwest wind. The flowers were still blooming until late autumn. In the winter bouganvilleas could overcome the cold during a few nights being exposed to the south, in order to capture the faintest ray of sunshine.

both bouganvilleas 2011

Until last winter, or rather till the incredible snowfall of January 2012.
We quickly cleaned up the jar, shake the branches. But it was a fatal impact, too hard for plants living in the Mediterranean sun!

One plant does not have it done, unfortunately. The other has produced a very weak and stunted flowering in summer 2012. Now we have removed the dead branches,  a few new branch was born, small tender leaves are trying to be born.

We are following with care, even if the unusual  too wetweather during  this spring  does not help.
I hope that the nature and our love give it strength!


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