Yellow English roses, continuous flowering

For a month, every day new buds enrich the bush of yellow English roses.

The plant was born from a cutting from two years ago, set into the ground last spring. The cutting of yellow English roses has enjoyed the location, sunny but cool (for drainage guaranteed by the renovation of the garden after the big snowfall in 2011) and continues to produce flowers in amber’s shades.Yellow English roses june 13

Along the lane, the rose garden (made only ​​from cuttings) is growing and gives us scents and intense colors. In the late afternoon I go to see how my roses are, if aphids and lice have saved, if the garlic planted is preserving them, if too much moisture is hurting the leaves. I cut the withered flowers, I pin up the branch in need of support, I save the land from the grass weed.

It is a relaxing pleasure, the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of labor of the past years.

Looking up, the sea is in the background with the outline of the Elba island.


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