Marina di Pisa, where Arno and Tyrrhenian seas meet

North of Livorno, the beaches and the pine forest of Cambrone, Tirrenia and Marina di Pisa, which then continue towards San Rossore, Migliarino and the Versilia.

From La Casa di Ulisse b&b (Quercianella) you get there in less than half an hour.

In Marina di Pisa this weekend will be inaugurated the new Marina at the mouth of the Arno.
I loved this corner, where the Arno flows into the sea. From Pisa to the sea there is San Pietro inGrado, with the beautiful Romanesque church dispersed in the countryside, where there was the ancient port of Pisa. Along the Arno small shipyards and docks for mooring of sailboats and motor boats.

The estuary, where Arno ends in the Tyrrhenian Sea, has always been a forgotten place, with the fisherman selling fresh fish, the benches where retirees gather in the afternoon, fishing nets … a silent place and without the crowds, where the colors are reduced to the moist sea and river …
There will be the new port, and will change the scenario. I wanted to remember him so, today.

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