Jasmine is blooming!

In every corner of the Mediterranean Coast early summer is characterized by its own colors, scents, blooms.

Here, at La Casa di Ulisse B&B the symbol of the summer beginning  is the bloom of Jasmine (Jasminum  Officinale), which grows along the stairs leading to the terrace.
The sweet and intense, slightly spicy, scent begins with the buds.
This year, the buds remained uncertain for a week and more, almost waiting for a confirmation that the Atlantic anticyclone had decided to stabilize indeed. Then, over the past two days, the flowers exploded.
In the evening, as the sun slowly descends over the sea to the West, the fragrance of jasmine becomes widespread in the air on the terrace and in the garden.
It is the scent of vacation time.
Jasminum Officinale


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