Air of Europe at La Casa di Ulisse

These days la Casa di Ulisse B&B is living an air of Europe!
Two nice guests from Russia left us this morning.  Monday a young Hungarian couple said goodbye. Swedes and Dutch guests are still with us: It is nice chat with them in the evening and listen to their point of view on the day’s events.
In the coming weeks other guests arrive from Germany, France, Belgium and, again, from the Nederlands.
Marco and I we try to transfer our love for Tuscany and give some suggestions for all to discover the uncontaminated corner of the coast, traditions and specialities of the kitchen, the history of municipalities and cities that explains so well our present .  La Casa di Ulisse breakfast
Our breakfasts on the terrace are enriched with appetizers and small surprises because the holiday day starts with sweet flavors and delicious tastes. Homemade bread with poppy seeds, sunflower, sesame (and more!) is greatly appreciated

And Mec too understands and appreciates the compliments in all languages​​!


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