Sea Dream

Our guests saw the boats that I build with driftwood collected on the sea… now they become a decor of our home.
During last months my little fleet has grown . Sail colors illuminate the rainy days and are crossed through by the rays of the winter sun.
I collect driftwoods in beaches and cliff hereabout. I like to imagine the previous life of the driftwood dragged by the sea from far away, making them as light as feathers and eroding the bumps. They come to the shore with the southwest wind, tossed by the waves violence with everything that the sea collects and deforms.

Driftwood Orange Sail Boats

I thought they could set sail again, turned into colorful boats.
Thus my multicolor fleet was born, each boat different, large and small, sloops and lateen sails, brigs and galleons … some of them has really taken off, reaching the United States or Australia in the luggage of our guests.
Do you like them ? I’ve posted more photos on pages  and


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