Bookcrossing at La Casa di Ulisse B&B

Our winter breakfast room encloses what I love the most: boats and books.
Books and boats go well together, in the background the sea and the sky: travels in the nature and in the mind which give freedom and emotions.
Even in B&B rooms there are books for the guests. Often, during the breakfastafter having spoken about a book left on the table waiting to be finished, a guest takes a book from the shelf

Blue Sailboat with Books

So we saw fit to enter  into the circuit of BookCrossing:
Bookcrossing means sharing books reading a book and then release itallowing others to read it, to feel emotions

This means that our guests would take a book and, if they want, free up and begin another book: travels that terminate and  restart, travels leading awaytravels wich remain in the heart.



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