Carpobrotus: a purple festival

This is my small tribute to Prince.

carpobrotus april
A purple meadow along the slope to the road.
Some years ago, I tried with a small cuttings because the slope is significant and I could not make the grass grow: a light rain  and all the seeds came down downstream
The Carpobrotus (or Drosanthemum) has taken hold quickly and, year after year, it has taken root along the slope, between the olive tree, the bush  of pitosfori, oleander and rosemary and the tamarisk along the way.
And when the Carpobrotus blooms, is a festival of colors!

drosanthemum apr 13 01

drosanthemum apr 22 01

drosanthemum apr 22 03

drosanthemum apr 22 04


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Che meraviglia.
    Ciao giampi

    1. ciao! un tappeto di colori che mi stupisce ogni primavera!

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