About us

view from the gardenLa Casa di Ulisse B&B is a bed and breakfast on the hill of Quercianella, Livorno. Since 2005 Marco and I we live here with my mom Carla and since 2006 here also live our guests who return often.

Only four bedrooms on the ground floor are at guests’ disposal, we live – with a young German shepherd and a cat – the first floor.
La Casa di Ulisse  B&B is a small bed and breakfast, run by our family. We have tried to ensure a family atmosphere, different from the environment of an hotel or a pension. We try answer every guest in an exclusive way, because each person is different and has different tastes, interests, needs. It is challenging and in this way we have long living relationships and met very interesting people.

Around the house, our garden. Someone calls it a small park. For us it is a world of greenery and colors, plants which we help to grow, flowers giving us incredible colors and scents. In our garden live toads, magpies, doves, migratory birds, squirrels, lizards. On the terrace and on the walls  instead live a tribe of geckos, who will let us see during the summer or maybe curious look at our lives.


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  1. Penny in Amsterdam says:

    If you are interested in identifying the many birdsongs you hear in the early morning at Casa di Ulisse, a helpful resource is David Attenborough’s “Tweet of the Day” on the BBC Radio Four website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01s6xyk/episodes/guide?page=2). This is not Twitter but a two-minute radio programme on at 2 minutes to 7 (2 minutes to 6 British time) “reclaiming tweeting for birds”, which every day presents the sound of a different, common bird and essential details narrated by David. The growing number of previous episodes can be listened to online or downloaded free.

    As la Casa these days has free wifi you can easily listen via your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and discover exactly which birds you’re hearing.

    1. Thanks Penny! Your adivice will be absolutely useful for the guests of La casa di Ulisse!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Your place looks beautiful. We spent a week in Panzano in 2007. Just beautiful! We traveled to the many small towns and enjoyed the square in Greve!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! We live near to the sea, around the green of the hills and the blue of the sea. All the Tuscany is beautiful!

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