Where we are: a little journey from Livorno till Quercianella

Quercianella is a small country hamlet of the town of Livorno, on south.
Leaving the Porto Mediceo (Livorno)  in direction of Quercianella,  along the seafront of Livorno, you see on the left the houses turning pink at sunset, on the right  the sea and the different sides of this city: the old shipyard Luigi Orlando, now plant Azimut-Benetti Group, the “shacks”, one of the “must” of Livorno nightlife, the Aquarium, the Terrazza Mascagni, the Naval Academy, the “Baths”,  one of the most deeply rooted traditions of Livorno from nineteenth century Porto Mediceo of Livorno
After the Naval Academy, the villas liberty on the left  bring us closer Antignano. Right over pittosporum and tamarisk, successive coves where the sea bride the city, the natural outlet of many afternoons returning from work. A pedestrian path brings alongside the road, always crowded with joggers, cyclists, people walking and moving with the slowness of the good life.Terrazza Mascagni at Livorno
Now 15 kilometers separate us from the port but we have not noticed, as the traveler who absorbs images and smells and neglects the clock. The city seems to end and the waterfront meets with the old Aurelia, the old coastal road from the time of ancient Rome.
There are 4 kilometers of coastline after Castel Boccale, among the rocks of Calafuria and Romito on the right and on the left the Mediterranean bush endured devastating fires. In any other part of the world tourists would come here from bus tours to watch the sunset around Corsica, Capraia and Gorgona Islands, to find out how many shades can have the sea, fascinated to observe the impetuous force of a libecciata (south – west wind)
During the summer this free sea is crowded with people preferring  the rocks to the busy “Baths” and appreciating the transparency of water always clean …. but also with people loving the sea without spending to rent an umbrella!Romito and Gorgona Island
After Castel Sonnino – surrounded by green oaks – the road goes down with a couple of corners and a road sign says that we have reached Quercianella.
After the descent, turn immediately left and the road leads us with a rapid ascent (pleasant even on foot, because the whole shaded) to the Casa di Ulisse B & B.
We are in a residential area, where the planning rules have imposed the maintenance of a strict relationship between buildings and environment, where the houses are almost hidden among pines and oaks and gardens full of colors and scents in every season, where dogs bark the passage of unknown persons.
As you enter in the garden of la Casa di Ulisse B&B, the eyes gift you the outline of the south coast up to Piombino and – on the south west – of the Elba Island: the blue sea, the blue sky, the green hills welcome you with a promise of relaxation and tranquility in nature.
We traveled about 17 km from Livorno port, it’s been a little over a quarter of an hour. We didn’t realize: the environment surrounding us has transformed our transfer to the Casa di Ulisse B & B in a small journey to discover one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean coast.

La Casa di Ulisse B&B from the street


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