a new adventure

The garden, the vegetable garden, cooking  what we have grown and inventing recipes with the scraps… a shared passion in front of the kitchen, a glass of wine when we are happy with the result … from all of this a kitchen photo blog  was born … for now only publishing our photos and the ingredients…


Facing the sunset, emotion and amazement  

The first Iris

This year too, the first iris. It ‘a small rainbow. In advance on the expectations and wishes. And other buds are ready to bloom. Wikipedia: Il nome del genere deriva dalla parola greca Iris che significa arcobaleno.  

Daisies, sweet daisies (2)

Even the daisies are in advance? I can’t remember a day without daisies, here at La casa di Ulisse B & B, Quercianella, Tuscany  

Eatable winter flowers

Cauliflower and broccoli from our garden. Cauliflower, a cabbage of a variety that bears a large immature flower head of small creamy-white flower buds”